Summit 13, a key component of the Altera Group, stands out as a comprehensive business services provider catering to a diverse clientele, encompassing self-employed individuals, startups, and businesses of all sizes. Specialising in a range of essential services, Summit 13 offers expertise in bookkeeping, VAT (Value Added Tax), income tax, payroll management, and an array of related services.

For self-employed professionals seeking seamless financial management, Summit 13 delivers tailored solutions to ensure accurate and efficient bookkeeping. Their adept team is well-versed in navigating the complexities of VAT, providing clients with the necessary support to comply with regulations and optimize financial processes.

Startups find a reliable partner in Summit 13, benefitting from their nuanced understanding of the challenges unique to emerging businesses. The company assists startups in establishing a solid foundations, managing taxes, and implementing effective payroll systems.

Established businesses, regardless of size, can rely on Summit 13 to streamline their financial operations. The company’s extensive suite of services encompasses not only bookkeeping, VAT, income tax, and payroll but also a holistic approach to addressing diverse needs.

With a commitment to professionalism and client satisfaction, Summit 13 distinguishes itself as a trustworthy ally for businesses navigating the intricate landscape of business management.

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AlphaTech Solutions, the IT division of the Altera Group, is a leading provider of all types of web and ICT solutions. Specializing in domains, email and web hosting, web design and development, as well as networking solutions among other services.

AlphaTech Solutions is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology services. The company ensures a strong online presence for its clients, professional email and web hosting services and visually appealing, functional websites. Additionally, AlphaTech Solutions optimizes business operations with advanced hardware and networking solutions. Staying at the forefront of the dynamic ICT landscape and committed to quality and innovation, AlphaTech Solutions is the trusted partner for those seeking excellence in IT solutions.

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